fotoup terms, upload and removals policies 


We encourage all fotoup photographers and members to take advantage of the photo upload features to upload their coolest photos online. fotoup photo hosting and gallery photo submissions are free for all. As soon as you join fotoup you can freely send your photos to your profile and public galleries, or share what you like in world of photography on your fotoup personal wall. 

Just a few hints as our policies: 


+ Everything you upload has to follow our upload policies. The details are below, but the gist is that you can't upload any pornographic photos at all. 

By joining fotoup, you agree to these terms: 

1. Any copyrights of any photo you upload in public photo galleries are licensed by you or you have been part of the procedure of making the photo and you have gained the copy rights from the photographer or photo owner to publish it online on fotoup website privately or publicly for any purpose. 


2. fotoup is not responsible in any kind for any content you share on your wall, photo wall or any other place provide for you as a free or paid user. 


Public Photo Galleries:

>>> you should have the rights to post the photos you upload on fotoup public gallery if you dont you will be warned and your account will be suspended.


fotoup Wall Posts:

>>> you are free to share any photo or contents on your wall, it is like other social networks, you are free to post anything and you are responsible for what you post. you will be warned if there is any complain about the content you share and post on fotoup.

3. You have to respect and mark the photos containing nudity and violence contents as unsafe. Also porn and offensive contents are against our safety policies and fotoup has the right to edit or delete the photos or suspend the user. 

4. Fotoup has the right to publish the uploaded photos inside fotoup website with any format as featured winner or any other title. 

5. Fotoup has the right to publish the Photos uploaded for participation in contests or magazine on fotoup website or external related links if needed. fotoup has the rights to publish the high resolution and use the low resolution of photos that win a competition or magazine submission for online internal and external ads or for promotional contents related to magazine or fotoup website.


6. If you don't have permission to upload and share the photos you share in fotoup, the owner of account is responsible.


7. Use your real names in fotoup, if you are in fotoup for your brand or company use the username for your company name or brand.


8. Define your settings for Violence and Nudity safety, the photos marked as unsafe are hidden from public galleries, so if you wish to see all the photos uploaded set your profile settings as you wish when you join.


Who Can Use the Site? 


  •  Visitors or Members: 
  • If you're just browsing the Site and haven't registered with us, you're a "Visitor", you can even register as a visitor and tag yourself as fotoup visitor but you can get more involed with the professionals. If you've gone through the steps to register with fotoup, you're a "Member" so tag and define yourself as soon as you join. But whether you're a Visitor or a Member, we think of you as a "User" and photo uploader if you do so. 


  •  What That Means To You. Some of the fotoup Services are available only to some of fotoup community photographers, photography models and members, while others are available to all Users. 


  • And What That Means To Us...?
  • You're eligible to be a Member because you've assured us that: 
  1. What you told us when you registered as a Member was true;
  2. You've given us a valid email address;
  3. You'll notify us if something changes;
  4. You are 14 years of age or older;
  5. You're not breaking any laws when you use the fotoup Services.
  6. You're not breaking the policies of these Terms, the Copyright and Privacy Policy.



Cost and Pricing 


  •  Visiting:   There is no cost to visit the Site. 
  •  Free account:    Each individual gets one free account. 
  •  Paid account:     This is a higher level account, which permits greater use of the Site and services we offer in fotoup, which can be bought by spending credits.
  • you can make or buy credits in fotoup. read what is credits for more info. 
  •  Refunds:     If you pay for an amount of credits it will be added to your account and there is no refund now on buying credits. but in the future you may be able to sell your credits and receive money for it.  




Other policies 


You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members and photographers in fotoup, although we reserve the right to intervene for the benefit of the community, if need be. 


Our Content Policy prohibits photos containing highly nudity content, graphic sex acts, sexually explicit material, or content that is otherwise deemed explicit by the fotoup team. We also don't allow content that drives traffic to commercial pornography sites or that promotes pedophilia, incest, or bestiality. fotoup has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography, including animated or graphic cartoon photos from child abuse. 



+ When flagging a photo as abuse, keep in mind that fotoup is a community for people from around the world. Since everyone has varied opinions on what constitutes a pornographic image, please report only the images that violate these guidelines: 

  •  Images displayed on fotoup shouldn't contain full erotic nudity, profanity, or sexually graphic material. This currently includes, but is not limited to, erotic frontal nudity for men or women, as well as depictions of sex acts. Certain cartoons, medical or scientific pictures, or works of art may be exempt. 
  •  Don't upload photos of cartoons or artwork unless you have the rights to distribute such material. Likewise, don't upload images of celebrities to which you don't hold the rights. 
  •  We will remove all images that violate the law, such as child abuse. 

Profiles or communities containing such images will be permanently removed without warning or prior notification. We will also remove any photos someone copies from an fotoup photo albums or another photo site if the photos aren't within the public domain or the person doesn't have the rights to use these images. 


Some other hints: 


  •  You use the fotoup website at your own risk and the Site and services are provided "AS IS."  


  •  We're not saying that the Site will meet any of your needs or that you'll get any particular results if you use the Site in any way. We're not responsible for the conduct of other Users' conduct on- or off-line. 


  •  We encourage you to always keep backups of your Content if you don’t have them in any other places. fotoup is not responsible if any of your Contents( photo or articles or...) is deleted, or if any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the fotoup website Site or services causes you to lose any Content. 


  •  While we make an effort to keep the Site up and running at all times, we're also not responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any User communication, whether the result of our maintenance of the Site or any problems or technical malfunction of any network, servers, software or equipment, Internet traffic or any other failure of any nature. 


  •  We're not responsible for advertisements or applications or services that are posted on or through the Site, nor do we have any responsibility for the goods or services provided by our advertisers or via other websites or applications. 


  •  The Site may contain links to other websites, wholly unrelated to fotoup - even if posted on the Site. If you click on these links, you may be leaving the Site. If so, you will be governed by the terms of that other site. You should check out that site's terms and policies. 





Please check Here: fotoup FAQ 


Updated 10.07.2013

Thank you so much for reading this before using fotoup features
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