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Finally the WINNERS in FACE IN FRAME photo contest 


The main winner is Matthias Leberle


The next runner ups are:



flour piet


Mirela Momanu


Nicholas Garlab


Zarko Piljak


New photography contest on fotoup


Photographers are invited to submit photo series and photo sets to the fotoup photography series contest 2013.


Submit your photos that are related in concept mood or style.

All photography generes are welcome to the contest, but more likly themes and photo categories are these

Landscape Photography Architectural Photography Photojournalism Portrait Conceptual Fashion Photography  Travel photography Waterscapeseditorial photography series




Portrait photo contest finalists









Finally Face in frame photo contest finalists are announced.

Winners will be selected shortly. 



Contest Finalists


(Click to see the full list)


Congratulations to all selected photographers.


Wish you Luck




The best size to upload your photos


The best size for your photos in fotoup is to keep the resolution higher than 1000px in width. If you are woried about your photo rights too much you can upload your photo in less size, but about 700px in width is the minimom. For best apearance and highest quality in galleries and photo pages we suggest you to upload between 1000px to 2000px in width.


Wish you Luchk


How to create, upload and edit your photo series in fotoup


The best way to creat your photo series is to upload them all together from the photo upload page.

After uploading your photos together you see them in your photo series page from your profile presented by a cover photo witch is the last one you added.

In every series all the photos included in that series are listed and presented in a design like this:




You can up a photo series or add it to your fav list on your fotoup page.


To edit a photo series you can go to the series page and click on edit this series. you can edit title and explenation you have entered for every series.

But if you want to delet or add a photo to a series you should go to your fotoup page and do it from setting menu on every photo. you can even make a new series from the  setting menu on the photos.



Only one last thing, every photo can only be added to one photo series.


Wish you luck








Multi upload and how you can simply make your great photos in photo series and albums in fotoup



Use photo series feature to make great photo albums and photo series in fotoup. It can be used for your great stories or photoseries projects you have. Travel photography, conceptual or street photos are all great in one album to see them all together when they are related in concept or form.


Simply go to regular photo upload page and sellect yes for photo series option, then select your past photo series you already have or just creat a new one.







I you are going to make a new photoseries you have to insert some explanation and special title for your photo series and whatever you think is important for your audience can be added in description field.





Set every photo settings in particular too and you are good to go.




Hints :



- Photos in your photoseries are apeared normaly in other galleries.

- You can select your past photos to be added to your new photo series from your fotoup page.







Thank you





Hi everybody


For those who participated in the face in frame photo contest.


Harry up, the voting is on now so try to promote your photos and share it to get more votes.


The finalists are chosen by voting so bring all your friends to vote for your great photos and help you win.


To vote sign in and go to the photography gallery on contest page

Here: face in frame photo contest





Good luck all








In fotoup you can upload your photos to


1. public galleries 


 2. your wall



You can to upload photo onto your fotoup acount for free & you will find that so easily. It will also not take too much time to register and become a member on fotoup.



>>>  If you hold the right of the image you can publish it on fotoup public galleries from the upload page on

You can upload your photos in series or single or one by one. unique and user friendly upload sysytem in fotoup helps you mke your photo profile and share it on your profile and public galleries in fortoup.

just go yo the photo upload page and start uploading and sharing your photos and making your profile.



Public Galleries




photo galleries




>>> If you do not have it you can add it to public galleries without tagging it to the owner or photographer.

or you can simply just share it on your wall and share it with your friends.(wall is available after April)



Personal Profile







photo upload is unlimited in fotoup and you can upload and share as many photos as you like and make friends or professional connections.







fotoup is having many updates in functions and interface


Many thanks to fotoup first generation photographers for keeping it up and particpating in contests and magazine submissions.

Get ready for the new look for fotoup in  the next week.

We make you all aware of these changes just keep up with the news letters and be around fotoup.








Face in frame photo contest voting starts next week






Next week the voting for the last contest on fotoup is open for 10 days and you can promote your works to have more chance to win by sharing them and inviting your friends to vote for your shots


contest page:










How to send (guidelines) and upload photos to submit to magazine cover photography contest or other photo contests on fotoup

How to submit your photographs:



   1. Make an account in fotoup if your are not already a member


   2. Submit your photos and make your fotoup profile



upload your photos to your profile and set your settings: a profile like this  >>>







   3. Submit your photos to the photo contests or magazine


The frame photography contest or cover magazine photographer contest or any other from your profile page with provided links

There are links provided in your photography profile page that you can send your photos with them

Make sure that you have cretit to send the photo for the contest.

New members have 500 credits for starting in fotoup.






4. Make sure to submit your photos to  fotoup facebook page and fotoup group to make more audiance and have more support




To see the available magazine submissions and contests take a look at here:



>>> magazine


>>> contest





like our Facebook page now:












Frame Photography Magazine Submission



 Submit your photos to be published in frame photo magazine




Frame Magazine accepts submissions from emerging photographers, artists, designers, stylists and startups. If accepted, your work may be featured on our website, magazine or both. All submission guidelines can be found in magazine page.

The main mission of Frame photo magazine is to promote and ‘celebrate’ contemorary artistic photography and to ensure benefits of all photographers, professional and amateur participants, who capture motifs that intrigue them in fascinating, innovative and ‘unique’ ways.



Entry fee:

(free for new members)


permited number of photos:


upload as many as you like 



Unique Visions in contemporary photography

your photo submission should represent your idea, style and creativity


See the Magazine page HERE







   Photo contest title: 



   Frame magazine cover photographer   you can Design how your photo looks on cover too





Theme:    Free 




How to submit your photographs:


   1. Make an acount in fotoup if your are not already a member

   2. Submit your photos and make your fotoup profile

   3. Submit your photos to the frame photo contest from your profile page with provided links

   4. Make sure to submit the designed cover version on fotoup facebook page and fotoup group



Download the materials Here >>> Download Link







A face in the frame


As long as there is a face in your photo you are good to go.

Entry fee:


(20 Credits)




Faces is a photo contest that captures the spirit of humanity through photography. This contest is geared towards finding the best portrait photographers working today—those that have the ability to transcend technology, make their subjects comfortable, and capture their essence.Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the Faces phenomena! Photographers can submit portrait photos as a single entry or series in these respective categories: Celebrity, Editorial, Animal and Self Portraits, and Environmental Portraiture. The competition is open to professional, consumer, student and emerging photographers.Winning prizes include cash, prizes, awards; winners will receive exposure in frame magazine in an extended online photo gallery featured and archived on fotoup. The Face in frame Portrait Photography contest is brought to you by fotoup and frame photo magazine.





+ Publication in the Frame magazine

+ 500 fotoup credits

+ featuring the winning photo in the network

+ 1 % share of frame magazine sale in first three months after publication


Two Next Uppers


+ 500 fotoup credits

+ featuring the winning photo in the network


link: HERE






fotoup photography social network

for all photography related professionals

fotoup has started, Fotoup is a brand new social network in the field of photo and photography.

In Fotoup everything is about photography. Everybody can join. All related professions from the photographers to studio owners, from excited visitors to camera and photography brands.


photo social

It’s the best place for anyone involved in this field to find any related people, photo or info. Professional photographers, Photography models, photo editors, photography students, photojournalists, online or local art and photo galleries, photography universities, photography journals, photography related businesses or services and even camera brands and companies are members of this professional and new social network.  

Fotoup is consisted of different parts and activities, Professional photographers lists and directories, photographers rankings and photographers high quality online portfolios, photography challenges, professional photo critics, publishing professional photography magazine, photo promotion system, photography contests and foto+ that is a huge photography journal that can be updated by its own users and members.


member tags:                                                                                                     skills and rankings:





Fotoup gives you an accurate and statistical ranking of best photographers and related artists.

User’s portfolios are evaluated based on number of visits and affections from pro and advanced users and awards they have got.